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4 Reasons to Switch to Eco-friendly Products in 2022

Did you know that every purchase you make has health, environmental, and social impacts? Our everyday purchases have an enormous impact on our lives and in this article, we shed light on just how critical your buying decisions are in today’s world. Follow along to find out 4 of the most compelling reasons to use more eco-friendly products in 2022.

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About Us

Danielle Elysse, Owner & Founder Our Story Dani’s way of creative expression has always been through decorative design. Growing up, arts and crafts were her favourite pastimes: crafting almost anything out of colourful cardstocks and stamps, creating pencil cases, bags, and things alike out of duct tape, and painting wherever she could were hobbies that instilled a sense of purpose within her. Discovering the art of furniture flipping in the summer of 2020 sparked something deep within. She felt an overwhelming calling to devote herself to something bigger and to create something that would have the ability to create impact within the furniture industry. With only $80 in her savings and a burning desire to follow her passions, the then...

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Care Instructions - For Painted Furniture

With proper and consistent care, your painted furniture could easily last you a lifetime. To ensure your furniture doesn’t become overly worn too quickly, follow the instructions outlined below: Paint Curing Ensure you allow up to 3-4 weeks for your newly painted furniture to fully cure. This process will allow the paint to fully harden and preserve, giving it sufficient durability to be resistant to possible chips and scratches. During this period, avoid placing heavy objects on top and handle with care.  Cleaning your furniture Use a lint-free cloth to wipe down surfaces and remove particles like dust, dirt, and lint to provide a smooth finish. Follow up with a mild soap mixture (we recommend Windex or a solution made...

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