4 Reasons to Switch to Eco-friendly Products in 2022

Did you know that every purchase you make has health, environmental, and social impacts?

We live in a world with corporations from different lines of the eco spectrum. On one end, we have corporations that work to reduce consumers’ carbon footprint—creating serious efforts to help the environment through their purpose, operations, and throughout their supply chains. On the other hand, we have corporations that value profit over impact—disregarding the health and safety of consumers and supporting endeavours that destroy natural habitats while burning hundreds of acres of trees and land annually. These corporations are scattered all over various industries such as food, fashion, and furniture. Our everyday purchases have an enormous impact on our lives in this article, we shed light on just how critical your buying decisions are in today’s world. Follow along below to find out 4 of the most compelling reasons to use more eco-friendly products in 2022.

1. Many of Your Household Items Contain Toxic Chemicals That Are Harming You and Your Family’s Health:

Everyone wants to give their family the best. One of the best things you can do for them is to educate yourself on commonly used items and to fill your home with simple products containing non-toxic ingredients and materials. Why? Because many products in the furniture and household industries are made to keep production costs as low as possible: allowing many of your everyday items to contain harmful and even toxic chemicals that put your family's health at risk. In fact, environmental experts state that an average household has around 62 toxic chemicals, most of which are found in consumer products. The most effective solution for this is to opt for eco-friendly alternatives. 

Choosing eco-friendly products for your home will create a healthier living environment for your family by eliminating harmful, carcinogenic chemicals that have been linked to numerous health issues—from certain types of cancer, birth defects, and neurological disorders. As a guide, look for products that check off a few on this list:

  • federally monitored products containing organic labels and green certifications
  • items made from recycled and renewable materials
  • items that are biodegradable/compostable

For eco-friendly home & décor alternatives, check out our curated collections of hand-painted preloved furniture and earthenware-inspired vases. Our statement pieces are distinct and reflect everything that your home décor should be: ethically sourced, kind to the planet, and lovingly made by hand.

2. Supporting Eco-Friendly Ventures Preserves The Future of Our Families:

Our greatest duty on earth is to provide and look out for our future generations. Human negligence has enabled the problem of overconsumption to thrive while capitalizing on our natural resources and underdeveloped nations. Climate scientists from Climate Clock currently say that we have about 7 years left until 2030—before we begin to hit a tipping point in our climate crisis from which there may be no return.

Choosing eco-friendly products from eco companies financially supports them to build more sustainable initiatives. This helps to deal with our pressing climate issues that threaten our futures: from the reduction of carbon emissions, waste management and reduction, to resource conservation.

As the population of our planet continues to increase, our need to consume more of the earth’s resources grows. Making conscious and responsible decisions on what we purchase today provides a great example for our children/grandchildren and ensures that future generations have the same privilege to enjoy the earth as we do.

3. Your Dollars Support Purpose-Driven Businesses

Eco-friendly products from brands with a strong purpose and vision ensure that workers are provided with a safe working environment, that people are paid a livable wage, and materials and products are ethically sourced and produced.

This is because brands that truly hold the philosophy of sustainable systems are committed to doing good in many aspects of their business. Sustainability becomes a defining characteristic of who they are and how they perform daily. Their purpose is reflected in all aspects of their operations. Every step of the process is thoughtfully planned: from their product design, manufacturing, all the way to logistics and the disposal of the product at the end of its lifespan.

The business itself exists as more than just an entity that makes money as there is a higher purpose behind why they operate. This is vital because in order for our society to continue to advance, businesses will be required to sacrifice some of their profits in order to focus on more sustainable initiatives. Whenever you support an eco-friendly-based business, you are actively taking a step towards the pursuit of global environmental change for every living being on earth.

4. You Influence The Market to Make Healthier, More Sustainable Products

Ever heard of the phrase “you vote with your dollars”? Every time you spend money, you are actively voting for the kind of world that you want. The benefits of supporting eco-friendly products go far beyond just environmental protection. It also tackles several underlying social issues that we must face to thrive as a society.

We as a collective have so much power and by investing in eco-friendly products, we influence and drive the market to do better by improving their operations and creating more sustainable products to replace the ones that are not.

Every time you purchase eco-friendly products, you support the manufacturers who make these products. An increase in demand for more sustainable products gives manufacturers more incentives to create and sell them. If more people support eco-friendly businesses, the demand for slave labour, unfair wages, and inhumane working conditions will go down, and in turn, we and the planet would benefit. 

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