About Us

Danielle Elysse, Owner & Founder

Our Story

Dani’s way of creative expression has always been through decorative design. Growing up, arts and crafts were her favourite pastimes: crafting almost anything out of colourful cardstocks and stamps, creating pencil cases, bags, and things alike out of duct tape, and painting wherever she could were hobbies that instilled a sense of purpose within her.

Discovering the art of furniture flipping in the summer of 2020 sparked something deep within. She felt an overwhelming calling to devote herself to something bigger and to create something that would have the ability to create impact within the furniture industry. With only $80 in her savings and a burning desire to follow her passions, the then 18 year old began “Meraki Design,” now known as Elysse Collective, right in the heat of the pandemic. 

Dani’s sense of passion for her craft has been deeply intertwined into the fabrics of Elysse Collective. In every stroke of her brush, down to the details of each design, every piece of art is always intricately and passionately made with a lot of soul and devoted care—an element exclusive to the touch of human hands.

Our Vision

Elysse Collective was built with a determined vision to redesign the furniture industry. As a brand, our mission is to inspire people to cultivate eco-conscious standards by combining great quality art with sustainability.

We have a strong passion to help people transform, revive, and love the look of their homes by providing them a way to express their individuality and style through our creative work: home and décor pieces made with environmentally-friendly materials and practices that challenge the norm of excessive consumption present in the furniture industry. From our curated selection of hand-painted refinished furniture, home décor made from eco-friendly materials, all the way to our packaging; every purchase you make from our store is an active step towards the pursuit of global environmental change. Elysse Collective works to meet the needs of the current generation while ensuring we meet the needs of generations to follow.

Our Values

1. To restore and protect the planet

One of our greatest priorities as a brand is to advocate for environmental protection. As the issue of climate change continues to affect us all, we as a society bear the burden of responsibility. Our actions of today will determine the future of our humanity, and we recognize the work that has to be done in order to redesign a better future for all. We strive to change the world and we understand that true, lasting change starts at home.

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