Care Instructions - For Painted Furniture

With proper and consistent care, your painted furniture could easily last you a lifetime. To ensure your furniture doesn’t become overly worn too quickly, follow the instructions outlined below:

Paint Curing

Ensure you allow up to 3-4 weeks for your newly painted furniture to fully cure. This process will allow the paint to fully harden and preserve, giving it sufficient durability to be resistant to possible chips and scratches.

During this period, avoid placing heavy objects on top and handle with care. 

Cleaning your furniture

Use a lint-free cloth to wipe down surfaces and remove particles like dust, dirt, and lint to provide a smooth finish.

Follow up with a mild soap mixture (we recommend Windex or a solution made of dish soap, vinegar, and water) and cloth.


Always use a coaster for drinks.

Use a lint-free cloth on a weekly basis to remove dust and other particles off your furniture.


Never leave water spots on the surface, as they'll dry and could leave permanent marks.

Never use degreasers or any harsh cleaning solutions containing alcohol, bleach, or acidic ingredients as they will cause discolouration and damage the finish. 

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