Our Furniture Restoration Service

Our furniture restoration service is a process where a furniture piece (vintage or new) can be cleaned and redesigned through paint to preserve its features and create a distinct look:

There are many benefits to restoring old furniture. A few being:

  • Can’t seem to find the perfect furniture? Personally design your own and create pieces that’s unique for your home.
  • Update your most cherished heirloom pieces.
  • Modernize and transform your existing furniture in a meaningful and sustainably-conscious way.

Discover Dani’s Furniture Art Portfolio or click here to fill out an application.

Quote is determined by the condition of the item(s) along with the type of design that a client chooses. Rates vary for different pieces of furniture. Additional costs will be made for every type of add-on feature desired on top of the basic paint work.

“The most sustainable way is to not make things. The second most sustainable way is to make something very useful, to solve a problem that hasn’t been solved.” – Thomas Sigsgaard